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Interior Ceiling Paint

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new paint colors for interiorMy spouse likes to “tinker” and he has each one of these tools, equipment and work benches that takes up just about all the garage area. Then there is my hobby. I enjoy garden and I have my horticulture benches, gardening tools, flower containers, bags of soil and mulch, etc ., etc ., etc . Between “his stuff” and “my stuff”, and all of the holiday adornments that we have in boxes stacked upward in the garage, there is no longer any kind of room for our cars. We need to do something, we either have to get eliminate something or find more space for storage. Neither one of us were ready to get rid of anything so we decided to take a look at some outdoor garden shed plans to go all my gardening stuff to. I had been very excited.

We got on the web and actually found some free outside garden shed plans. But after a lot more research we found out that the totally free shed plans didn’t have all the information that the good set of professional designed programs had and they were not very expensive. It was a “no-brainer”, we decided on a collection of plans and made our buy. We actually went for a drop that was larger than we actually required, but it will give me more room to work in if weather will be bad and we will have more storage space.

One of the things my husband didn’t actually think about until he started reviewing the particular instructions was the load capacity for the top. We get a lot of snow every single winter and know the damage it may cause if you have a flat roof exactly where snow can accumulate. The bodyweight of the snow could cause your roof in order to collapse.

Security is another factor to think about, specially if your storage shed will be situated away from your house or if it’s situated behind your garage where you aren’t see it. You may want to consider placing bars on the windows, security lighting on the outside and absolutely a good weighty door with a bolt action secure. Maybe you think some of this is more than kill, you just have to decide if it is crucial in your neighborhood.

With any framework that you build, it is better to use stress treated wood. It is a little more costly, but it will last far longer compared to untreated wood. Also, when you are prepared to paint your new outdoor garden shed, invest a little more money for a good quality special primer and exterior latex enamel color. The finish will last longer and become easier to keep clean. After just about all, you want your investment to be very durable.

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