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choosing the best paint color

The Basic Watercolor Palette Colors You Need To Have!

tips on painting a bedroom

Whether you are just starting out with watercolor painting or you’ve been from it for a while, it is very convenient to create a basic color palette with the most useful shades and your go-to ones, depending on your selected subjects. For instance, if you generally read more

Renovation Project Investments In Your Own Style

purple front door paintThrough 2011 and so far in 2012, there has been a flux of homeowners delving into comfort and simplicity when it comes to their latest home renovation projects. That trend will continue with dark neutrals and pops of soothing colors that are welcoming and reflect their read more

Interior Ceiling Paint

new paint colors for interiorMy spouse likes to “tinker” and he has each one of these tools, equipment and work benches that takes up just about all the garage area. Then there is my hobby. I enjoy garden and I have my horticulture benches, gardening tools, flower containers, bags of read more

How To Paint Green With Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic Paints

paints for homeMaking our dwellings beautiful is nothing new. Humans have been adorning their houses for millennia. From the Australian Aborigines portray ochre onto cave partitions over 40,000 years in the past to the virtually trendy Egyptian pyramids of solely four,500 years in the read more