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Interior House Painting Weston Team

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With the Propainters Interior home painting weston team you get professional workmanship from professional painters along with real hands on experience and you obtain full service. It starts with the professional grade pressure washing in order to remove things like mold and read more

Interior Paint Problems

Covering Stains, Grease, Graffiti, and Problem Surfaces.

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Most folks find out about staining and problem surfaces after it really is too late — during, or once they are done, painting. Repeated layers of paint won’t cover correctly because the problem areas bleed through the brand-new paint.

Special Problem Areas

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Interior / Exterior Hi-Gloss Enamel Paint

exterior paint ideas for brick homesThere are three fundamental kinds of paints which can be used to color cars Enamel, Urethane and Lacquer, but for home users to understand these types easily we can further divide all of them into many like Acrylic Enamel, Urethane, Acrylic Lacquer, Base coat/Clear coat, read more

How To Choose The Right Colors

best colors for exterior house paintChoosing the right interior color colors to paint a room might look difficult with all the color ideas and details. But for most of us, our own eyes will be able to tell when 2 colors can work together or just will never blend. Together with a simple colour wheel and read more